See what our Communities are Saying

“Elderology has noticeably changed the lives of our residents in our communities. Our residents go through a transition phase from their former home to their new one, and Elderology’s team does a wonderful job at helping these residents adjust. The clinicians are first-rate and that’s something our residents echo all the time. While these clinicians are there to support our residents with their mental health, they’re also someone our residents confide in as a friend. This kind of clinician-resident relationship is why we love having Elderology at Chelsea.”

Regional Nurse, Chelsea Senior Living

Elderology and it’s staff have been an essential service for the Resident at Atria Senior Living, especially through this last year. They respond quickly to every referral and do a thorough assessment so that they can offer each resident with personalized care and interventions. The level of care and compassion that they provide to our residents can not be matched!

Director of Nursing, Atria Senior Living

“I have been through many things in my life but my therapist helped me get through one of the most difficult transitions of my life. I never thought in my later years that I would move to assisted living but I am so glad that I was able to get the help I needed in working through the emotions I felt. It is never too late to learn and my therapist guided me, gave me resources, and supported me. We laughed together and she was there when I needed to process situations or issues I was having in relationships. I am very grateful for the services received.”

Pat B.


“I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. I am so glad there are therapists that can see me in my room. I feel comfortable discussing issues I am dealing with privately and I have always left the sessions feeling more positive and renewed. My therapist helps me manage my emotions and focus on positive perspectives.”

Joan H.