Customized Education Programs for Staff on Behavioral Management/ Customer Service Topics

We at Elderology feel an obligation to make sure any individual caring for your loved one feels fully capable and equipped. This includes all staff- housekeeping, aides, nurses, etc. Therefore, we offer free educational programs and in-services to any facility that has a contract with us. All of these programs are individually designed based on the needs of the facility. We find it essential to educate and provide tools to all staff so they feel confident in their role. 

Are you a facility looking for services? We are happy to serve you! Please contact us directly by calling (908) 514-8590 or emailing us at  to discuss how we can provide mental health services and behavioral management.

Elderology offers other services available to facilities including but not limited to:

  • Staff Consultation for Behavioral Interventions
  • Customized Psycho-Educational Presentations for the Community
  • Team Building
  • Care Meetings and Planning for coordination of services
  • Crisis Intervention and Management
  • Staff Sensitivity Training

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breed hope. Hope breeds peace.”- Confucius