My mother is having a hard time managing the house. We don’t want to move her out, but we can’t be there to help. What can we do?

Elderology offers household management services that include coordinating house cleaning, food shopping, meal delivery, bill paying, and more. We custom tailer our services to meet your needs.

We want to move Dad into an Assisted Living facility, but we are concerned about his financial situation. Will his finances cover the cost?

Elderology can help explore options that meet your Dad’s physical, social and financial needs, including applying for Medicaid, when needed.

I live at a distance from my parents and I worry that they spend too much time alone, may not be eating well or taking their medications properly. Can Elderology assist in any way?

Elderology’s care management specialist can meet with you and your parents needs and plan services. These services might include facilitating Adult Day Care, arranging in-home care, and assisting with medication management. We can also coordinate physician appointments and referrals, arrange transportation, and provide home visits.

My Aunt was recently hospitalized with a serious illness and is now recuperating at a rehabilitation center. She will not be able to return to her home. We work full time and are raising a family an we need help finding the right care. Does Elderology offer services that will manage my Aunt’s home and finances?

Elderology’s services include supporting transitions from a hospital or rehabilitation center to other care settings or home. We can assist you in the process of facility selection and placement. We also provide residential property management services.