Elderology provides top quality psychological care in long-term care facilities and assisted living communities. We have been trusted for over 20 years to improve the lives of our clients, and we do our very best with each and every patient.

Many residents struggle with adjustment, mood, and behavioral health concerns. Elderology provides individualized psychotherapy that has been helpful in getting many seniors back to feeling like themselves again. Elderology’s experts are a valuable resource for any facility, as we also provide educational in services on many mental healthcare topics.

Entrusting a loved one’s psychological needs in someone else is a considerable decision, and we here at Elderology fully understand that. We communicate with families to ensure they are educated and comfortable with their elder’s transition to facility life, advancing dementia, or any other problem that may arise. We work tirelessly to be as friendly, responsive, and compassionate as we can be towards patients and their families alike. Trust us, and we know we can help your loved one reach their potential to live a happy, stress-free life.